Friday, July 22, 2011

Party Down - Funniest TV show ever

I've been meaning to watch Party Down on Netflix and finally had a chance. (I'm motivated to watch more Netflix streaming before the price increase.) Its extremely well written and hilarious. It covers the lives of out of work and struggling actors in Hollywood. I'm disappointed the show was cancelled but it was on an obscure cable channel and is a dark, quirky comedy about the Hollywood industry that broad audiences may not be interested in.

Fortunately, as a film buff, the characters' stories are funny, absurd, and interesting. Ken Marino is great as the endearing team leader. Adam Scott has had a long Hollywood career playing small roles, so it seems the role is perfect for him as a retired actor. I've seen Adam Scott in a few indie films and tv shows, and his personality seems serious yet kinda bland. He got his big break playing Will Ferrell's jerky brother in Step Brothers, but he plays the straight character well. Lizzy Caplan is attractive and has a fun personality, yet she has strange hairstyles which change from episode to episode. Jane Lynch was great in season one and its disappointing she left to work on Glee. I'm sure network TV has a bigger paycheck.

Also, its great to see actors from "The State" having success. They were a truly talented group with superb comedic talents. The Judd Apatow crew also seems to be expanding its success in Hollywood these days.

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