Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bad Teacher Review - Cameron Diaz is funny, ugly

I was pleasantly surprised at how funny Bad Teacher was.  I like the past work of director Jake Kasdan but I was skeptical that Cameron Diaz would be any good and she's become a "monet" or "butterface."  Well, Diaz is funny in this movie and the script is very good.  Diaz ramps up the degenerate factor in her character, almost to the point where I found it unbelievable that a woman who can be as attractive as her, cannot manipulate men to get what she wants.  But, the movie is perfectly aimed to prove that even an attractive woman can fail at life if her personality is so bad that she has no friends or family to support her.  It was unfortunate that they didn't delve more into her character's family life to explain why she is so misguided. 

Diaz does an amazing acting job and makes Elizabeth a real loser and bad person.  Justin Timberlake is also very good as a sincere and dorky substitute teacher.  But the end of the movie comes as a surprise when Timberlake's weird tendencies show up out of nowhere.  Perhaps some scenes were cut that would have provided greater exposure to his character. 

But the ending was almost ruined for me, not because it wasn't funny, but because whoever did Diaz's makeup made her seem beyond ugly.  Her heavy eye liner in the final scene made her look really bad.  I'm not sure what the point was, but maybe they purposely wanted her to look unattractive.  Recently, I've noticed how up and down her looks have become.  It seems that her attraction came from the "There's Something About Mary" look of fun personality, dyed blonde hair, and blue eyes.  But I'm thinking that without the right makeup on, Cameron Diaz can look really awful. 

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