Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tron Legacy - Amazing

Tron and Tron Legacy are both Amazing films. In fact, Tron Legacy may be one of the most visually appealing and amazing film experiences ever. Not only was the imagery and special effects incredible, the score created by Daft Punk provided a soothing and peaceful experience. It almost makes the viewer want to live in that world or at least momentarily believe that he has entered that world with the all encompassing visuals and sound.

The plot is interesting but not as urgent as the original Tron. It was unique having a younger Jeff Bridges play a two roles in the movie. The ending was okay but I feel the plot was used as a way to display the awesome special effects and atmosphere, rather than the motivating point of watching the film.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Battle: Los Angeles - Fun Summer action movie

Battle: Los Angeles is a uniquely earnest action movie about military service while fighting aliens. Unlike other alien invasion movies, the director has taken the unique approach of crafting a wartime sacrifice movie, without a believable war. The aliens are certainly threatening but its difficult to suspend belief and not consider the alien invasion to be gimmicky. However, focusing just on Aaron Eckhart and the soldiers provides a sincere and emotional character development for sacrifice and honor. The action scenes were also well done. Its a surprisingly good film.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Fighter - Great Movie

I was actually skeptical about The Fighter. I like Christian Bale but I've always been doubtful about Mark Wahlberg's acting abilities, especially when he's the leading man. Fortunately, Wahlberg is better as a character actor and in The Fighter he doesn't say much, which is a good thing, and allows for the other actors to give Oscar worthy performances. Melissa Leo was great as Mickey Ward's mother and Bale was great and funny as Ward's drug addict brother. Amy Adams was also really great and took herself to extremes in playing a hard-headed. strong, and profane girlfriend. I was also skeptical about David O Russell's ability, primarily due to his past personal anger issues and the disappointing Huckabees film, but he pulled off a great movie, with a low budget, and created a gritty, tough, and realistic boxing and townie movie.