Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Green Lantern - movie review

The Green Lantern is a well-produced comic book movie that stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.  While Green Lantern is not as good as other recent comic book movies such as Dark Knight, Iron Man, or even Thor, it is not as terrible as reviews or the box office make it seem.  I think there were higher expectations compared to Dark Knight and Spiderman.  Surprisingly, the cast is top notch with supporting actors such as Peter Saarsgard, Tim Robbins, and Angela Basset.  Perhaps Green Lantern should be viewed as a modest art film rather than an action blockbuster.

Ryan Reynolds is okay as a superhero, but he just doesn't have the action hero chops.  He is just a natural goofy comic who excels at comedy but not at serious drama.  Overall, the film is entertaining and Blake Lively looks great as usual.  The movie is good for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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